Get more for your purchases!

WE ARE ONE, is the Wacom rewards program in which it seeks to reward its best business partners, a program in which you can accumulate points on all your purchases at our authorized distributors.

All your points can be exchanged for MKT activities designed to help you generate demand, bring interested Wacom traffic to your points of sale, increase your sales and therefore increase your revenue.

How to take part?

WE ARE ONE is Wacom’s loyalty program in which you can accumulate points on all your purchases from authorized distributors, in order to accumulate points, you must be part of the rewards program.

Receive invitation from Wacom

Comply with the requirements established by Wacom (Quota Agreement and Rebate letter signature)

Be authorized by Wacom to be part of the program.

Program levels

Levels The% of Points you earn depends on your level within the program, but generally points are accumulated for dollars spent. In addition, you can accumulate extra points with promotions carried out by Wacom with its distributors, the points are awarded once the purchase quota is reached.

You can use your points with Wacom to carry out different MKT activities that help you generate demand and increase your sales.

Review your quotas, scopes and purchases weekly with your Sales Manager.

In meetings with your Sales and MKT Manager, review the activities catalog, redeem your points and plan your activities.